Heze Mudan Dis. Sat English Training School
Private School
Heze Shandong China

Heze Sat English Training School is a children’s English education institution approved by the Peony District Education Bureau and officially registered. Sat School is an English school with Chinese and western advanced educational philosophy organization. Training goal is the new century international talent ; Educational philosophy is unity of knowledge and practice ; Teaching principle is W-P-W; Teaching mode is subject and disciplinary teaching; The main line of teaching is shared—reading.
In Sat School , English is a learning tool for students to study mathematics ,science, art, music, society and other disciplines. Sat doesn’t teach English, but teach in English; Sat doesn’t cultivate Chinese—English thinking, but cultivate English—English thinking. Sat School is the golden key for students to explore the world and the ladder for students to walk into international society . 
Sat School is mainly dedicated to 4---18 year-old youngers and children’s all-round basic English education. 
School takes the China new college entrance examination demand as a bench marking after the reform of the China new college entrance examination reform system.; takes the demand of American college entrance examination as a 
Guider, using the original USA text books , having the teaching mode of language nature acquisition to provide a most advanced , most scientific and most demanding English environment to the students of Heze. School is eager to help more chidren of Heze admitted to a prestigious university or study abroad.

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