Magic English
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Magic Ears is in Beijing and they teach children aged 4-12. Their classes can have up to 4 students. The hiring process at Magic Ears is very straightforward and clear compared to many other companies. The pay rate is transparent has a range of $18-26 per one-hour lesson. Be sure to have a fast internet connection since they require 10mbps up and down. They are looking for teachers from the US and Canada only with either an ESL teaching certificate or teaching experience.hours are weekdays: 6:30pm-9pm, weekends and holidays: 10am-11:30am & 6:30pm-9pm (Beijing Time). Also, from what we have heard in our groups they are a lot more understanding when it comes to sick days and emergencies. Magic Ears has very thorough details in expectations and explanation of the salary breakdown and interview process which you find on their recruiting page, which is one of the most detailed and comprehensive we have seen. Booking rate depends on how good the teacher is or if the student likes the teacher. They pay a base rate of $9 per 30-minute class with two incentives of $1 for being on time and for having 60-time slots open per month. So you can earn up to $22 or possibly even $26 USD per hour.

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