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PalFish is an online English education company based in Beijing and launched in 2015. Palfish has a series of English teaching products, including PalFish English, PalFish Reading, and PalFish Kid, which have accumulated over 10 million users. Among them, over 100 thousand are paying users. With the products as the core, PalFish empowers content, teachers, and students through product improvement so as to allow students to achieve a better learning result. For years, PalFish continuously introduces high-quality educational resource in the world to provide users with a large amount of interesting learning content and maximizes student’s learning efficiency through product iteration and big data analysis.

Palfish has its own interactive app to teach a wide variety of subjects from phonics to TOEFL, to IELTS. It is recommended that you have a TEFL certification or an equivalent. You as a teacher can set your own rate. The typical rate that teachers set is $10-18 per hour with some teachers charging as high as $20 or more. You do not have to be a native teacher to Palfish as a regular teacher, but you still need to meet their standards. They are currently on a hiring push for teachers who can their program for teaching children. For this program, you must be a native English teacher. We have a full guide for teaching at Palfish and a compiled review.

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