SSE International Education Inc.
International School
Chengdu Sichuan China

Basic information of schools: 
1. Chengdu private schools which have more than 10 years’ history 
2. School segments: primary and junior high (Year 1 to Year 9) 
3. Both part-time and full-time foreign teachers at present 
4. Apartments specially prepared for foreign teachers, hotel-room style 
5. Free on-campus canteen meals for foreign teachers

Chengdu lies in the south-west China, which is a famous city because it’s Panda’s hometown and also has over 4000 years of history. It has a very nice weather, not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Its food is very popular in all over China. The life here is slow and cozy. People here are warm-hearted. The average salary of the city residents is about RMB 6000 yuan per month. The living expenses are rather low here comparing to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and etc. Welcome to Chengdu! 

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