Adcote School Shanghai
International School

Adcote School Shanghai is the sister college of Myddelton College and Adcote School UK, which was established in 1907, is one of the top boarding schools in the UK. The school won the National Best Boarding School Award for many times. More than 70% students past STEM related subjects with A* or A, and almost half of the Adcote students obtained the interview opportunities from Oxford or Cambridge. In addition to excellent academic achievement, the students also perform remarkably in sports, art and so on. The school Equestrian Team was summoned by Queen of Britain once; the school drama team and chorus are also invited to participate in international competitions, performances and won awards.

Adcote School Shanghai is the first overseas branch of Adcote School. It stands in Sheshan National Tourist Resort surrounded by beauty and purity. The school offers a wide range of facilities include library, multiple-function canteen, gym, high-tech Laboratory, whole-care boarding, music/dance/art studio, individualized learning space and so on.

While introducing complete curriculum system from Adcote School UK , Adcote School Shanghai still preserves the strengths of Chinese culture and education wisdom, providing Chinese students with perfect international education in the education idea of “ Heritage, Innovation, Independence, Leadership”.

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