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The purpose of YueCheng Education (YCE) is to provide a future-oriented education for the children of Chinese and expatriate families living in Beijing. Founded on a passion to challenge and empower young people to live fulfilling and productive lives, YCE opened Beijing City International School (www.bcis.cn) in 2005. With the support of the YueCheng Education Research Institute (YERI), this innovative school has provided the bedrock for YCE to extend its not-for-profit services to a wider community. The Learning Frontier (www.learningfrontier.cn) provides specialist support for children with learning and developmental needs, and the recently opened Reading Frontier (www.readingfrontier.com) inspires in children a passion for reading for life. The Courtyard Kindergarten (www.yuechengkg.com) opened its doors in October 2019, and the Parkside Kindergarten will be opening its doors to families in the fall of 2021. The strength of YCE lies in the quality of its international and Chinese staff, and the mutual support extended between the different but complementary institutions. YueCheng Education is an equal opportunity employer.

YCE MISSION - YueCheng Education’s mission is to enrich and enhance learning by empowering its member institutions.

YCE VISION - YCE is an educational pioneer of integrated, value-based programs, that inspires passionate, forward-thinking learners committed to the benefit of all.

YCE VALUES - We believe that 

• continuous learning empowers growth

• community strengthens us

• embracing diversity enriches us 

• each individual has value

• when we serve, it benefits all

More information about YCE can be found at www.yuechengeducation.com

YueCheng Education Research Institute’s Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Specialist empowers member YueCheng Education (YCE) schools Beijing City International School and YCE Kindergartens with the implementation of educational research findings into practical classroom teaching and learning practices. The work of the Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Specialist helps to build YCE’s reputation as a leader of progressive values-based education.

Responsible to the YueCheng Education Research Institute Director, the Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Specialist is a key member of the YCE central office academic team.  As an experienced pedagogical leader and specialist in the development of future-focused curricula, the Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Specialist is tasked with the development, implementation and review of the written, taught and assessed curricula in all YCE school divisions. 

Working closely in collaboration with the heads of each YCE school, the Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Specialist drives the creation of future-oriented educational programs consistent with the guiding statements of YCE and its constituent institutions.

YueCheng Education is in a stage of growth and curricular reform as we continue to equip our learners with interpersonal dexterity, creativity, and the ability to innovate for individual success in their personal and professional future lives.  The development of a new curriculum framework, one that guides and transforms learning, will engage our students in contributing to the self, each other and humanity. The newly developed curriculum framework will form new learning partnerships between and among students, teachers, families and communities; develop complex collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving competencies while tackling real-life issues; extend our ideas of ‘schooling’ in the context of learning spaces, time and expertise.

If you are a candidate passionate about teaching, learning and educating our learners for a changing world, then we invite you to consider this exciting new opening within the YCE family of schools.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Future-focused curriculum development

1. Providing vision and leadership in the development of an integrated future-orientated curriculum (including but not limited to): 

a. Competencies and learning outcomes articulated and codified

b. Course outlines and syllabi 

c. Guidelines and frameworks for content delivery 

d. Guidelines and frameworks for assessment and reporting methods

2. Undertaking qualitative and quantitative research as required by YueCheng Education; primarily within the area of the creation of future-oriented educational programs.

3. Sourcing, reviewing and critically analyzing relevant progressive education literature from a wide range of scholarly and policy/practice-related sources.

4. Supporting the YCE constituent leaders in implementing curricula associated with future focused pedagogy.

5. Identifying and leading teams of teachers who will assist in curriculum development based on systematic review and analysis.

6. Actively leading the professional learning of YCE teachers in innovation in teaching, learning and student experience through training materials, direct instruction, mentoring & coaching.

7. Using evaluations and data in the evaluation of curriculum and instruction effectiveness and recommending improvement goals.

8. Contributing to other dissemination activities through presenting at conferences and seminars, the preparation of media-related and web-related materials, and engagement in social networking activity as required.

Additional qualifications, skills and experience required.  Successful candidates will…

• champion the YCE mission, strategic plan and goals; 

• hold a post graduate degree in Education or the equivalent in professional qualifications;

• have in-depth, current knowledge and understanding in the area of education;

• have significant first-hand experience implementing future-focused pedagogy; 

• have a high level of analytical and problem-solving capability;

• be able to translate complex information into practical classroom application;

• run engaging presentations/ workshops at conferences;

• embrace living and working in China; and

• have the inter- and intrapersonal skills necessary as a highly functioning collaborative team member.

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